Interview with September Girls, first published in The Evening Echo 2014-1-16

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Dublin based five-piece band September Girls have built up quite a following in Ireland and abroad in the two or so years they have been in existence, their debut full-length album ‘Cursing The Sea’ was released last week by the London based Fortuna POP! Label. Jessie, their lead guitarist and singer, spoke to Ronan Leonard from the ferry on the way back from their most recent UK tour, she was very happy with how it had gone, “the gigs went really well, particularly the London one, we were playing a night that our record label put on and it sold out, there was a huge crowd there and everything went great so we were really happy with it.”

In two short years September Girls have made huge progress, Jessie gave the backstory of how they formed, “myself, Lauren (Keyboards, Vocals), Paula (Bass, Vocals) and Caoimhe (Guitar, Vocals) had all been in different bands before (various combinations had been in The Chalets, Talulah Does The Hula and NeoSuperVital) and we were all looking to try something in a new direction. We were in need of a drummer and at the same time Paula was in a band with Sarah (Drums) so she joined us and it all just came together from there, that was in about September 2011 and we played our first gig in November 2011, it happened really quick.”

Their sound has won many plaudits for their finely tuned harmonies fused with a garage pop sensibility, Jessie explains they really are a group that work together on everything, “it’s pretty democratic, one of us might be working on a song and bring it into practice and we’ll all work on it together and help it create a whole new life of it’s own; the way it sounded at home and how it ends up when we all get together can be completely different. With the merchandise we have a specific idea of how we want it to look like, everyone has an input so it’s not like it’s one persons band, it’s all five of us, we’re all heavily involved.”

September Girls have amassed several releases with various labels as well as playing many gigs in their short lifetime, so is either is a priority for the band? “We like all aspects of being in a band, we divide our time equally between getting ready for live gigs and preparing releases. Before this album we’ve had five different records or cassettes come out in the space of a year and a half, so we keep pretty busy. We’re always song writing, always trying to figure out what the next thing should be. At the moment since the album has just come out we’re focussing on the live stuff and touring the record. We’ve every weekend of January and February accounted for already and then in March we are heading over to Austin for the SXSW festival in Texas.”

That eagerness to work and make things happen rather than wait for gigs to come to them has been there since the band formed, as Jessie expounded, “at the start, because of a lack of money and resources, we had to manage everything ourselves, we had to be DIY. When you are first starting off you don’t have a label behind you to help you out with stuff, like we had to make our own t-shirts and our own recordings, but it is also our aesthetic too! A lot of our friends are in bands too, so we appreciate all the work that people put into things, anything that’s DIY is a labour of love and means a bit more emotion goes into that.”

September Girl’s regular touring means they have built up some good friends in Cork already and Jessie is looking forward to their return, “Cork is always a good place to play, we’ve been there three times and The Pavilion is a great venue, it’s nice to get to play to new people. And one of the labels we’ve worked with, Art For The Blind, is based in Cork now, so it’s great to come back and see some familiar faces.”

September Girls play a free concert in The Pavilion on Saturday 18 January at 9pm


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