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first published in @The Evening Echo 2014-8-14

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The non-stop schedule of Mundy shows no sign of abating as he whisks in to do three gigs around County Cork this weekend, “I started off this year recording the new album in Spain, then I did a bunch of gigs in the States and I got asked to play the White House for their Saint Patricks Day ceremony. The security was unreal, all the sniffer dogs go through all your gear, it’s quite an ordeal being searched and they do all these background checks months in advance, it’s not taken lightly. Funnily enough I was the only Irish musician there at all, so I felt a bit proud representing myself and my country and our music.”

Mundy is quite frank about why he tours so much in recent years, “since I’ve become a dad, this has become more of a ‘job’ – it’s what provides so I go out and make hay while the sun shines. Luckily I’ve never been so busy, not just in Ireland but also elsewhere in the world in Europe and America, I’m doing everything – from small venues around Ireland and Europe to the Royal Albert Hall when I played with Rodrigo Y Gabriela. I’m a survivor!”

The instinct to become a survivor in the music business came from what others would consider their lowest point in their career, “the experience of being signed (Mundy released his first album ‘Jelly Legs’ through Epic Records, who signed him when he was 17) and then dropped has made me a go-getter and fighter. To be honest I look back now and am thankful to Epic for taking a chance on me back and believing in me, a lot of people never get that chance. They set up a platform for me and I got my name out there without going on something like X-Factor, which seems to be the only option kids have these days. I’ve a lot to be grateful for.”

Funnily enough Mundy drew from his first recording experience to work on his sixth album. “Jelly Legs was produced by Youth (who has also worked with people such as The Verve, Dido and Crowded House and produces music with Paul McCartney under the name of The Fireman), he was playing in Dublin with Killing Joke pretty much on the exact 15th anniversary of the album coming out, and I said to myself ‘I’ll go to the gig to say hello’ as I hadn’t seen him since we made the album. I barely recognised him and he barely recognised me, and we got talking about life and career and kids and writers block and he said “you’ve got classic pram in the hallway syndrome, you’ve gotta come down and see me”. So I went over to UK to hang out and we wrote a few songs together. When I asked him if he’d like to produce this new album he said he costs a lot of money but he’d do me a deal as I’m an independent artist. So I’ve been going over and back and doing sessions. Me, him and 2 fellas who work in his studio are the band on the album and it’s taken just 8 days in total.”

While the album is finished Mundy is not sure when people will get to hear it, “currently I’m just working on my strategy for releasing it. The music industry has changed drastically about 4 times since I was signed in 1995. It’s a new game, I’m just figuring out all the online content you need to be doing and videos. It’s a pain in the bollocks really. Like music is what’s important but the gameplan is crucial these days, sadly.”

Mundy is also planning to release a different project; “I’ve started doing this thing where I tweet photos of my set lists. It all began when I played a gig in a place called Tinhealy in Wicklow and I when I was doing up my setlist I drew a can and wrote Healy on it, tin-of-healy, and put it up on twitter for the laugh. It got a good response and I decided I’d tweet all my setlists up after gigs in the same style, black and white and hand drawn. There’s an hour and half in between sound check and playing and you can get a nervous if you let your brain overanalyse so it’s kind of like a little meditation and doodle at same time, and it might lead you to find something irrelevant or relevant to your show. People like it so I’m thinking I’m going to turn it into a little book.”

Mundy plays the The Nook, Youghal on Thursday 14 August; The Blackbird, Ballycotton on Friday 15 and The Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh on Saturday 16. Further information can be found at

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