Interview with The Hot Sprockets

tweety stuff @ronanfromcork

first published in @The Evening Echo 2014-6-19


The Hot Sprockets released their second album ‘Brother Nature’ last week, featuring their trademark sound of garage rock and roll mixed with fuzzy pop it went straight to Number 11 in the Irish Charts.
Ahead of the Cork leg of their national tour one of their vocalists Tim spoke with Ronan Leonard, “we never thought we’d get into the charts ever, it’s an amazing feeling and it was fantastic support that got us there. It’s great having it on vinyl it was the first thing I played to me ma and da, I went to their house and put it on for them. Being on vinyl makes it feel like a part of history”
The album was produced by Gavin Glass who The Hot Sprockets thoroughly enjoyed working with, “Gavin definitely helped shape the sound, like we went in with the songs written but hadn’t experimented that much with guitar sounds. Gavin has been in the industry for so long and has worked with so many amazing people; he’s great at getting guitar sounds. If we said “we’re looking for something more like say Bo Diddley, he usually knew the record already and he’d go straight in and adjust the amps or pedals. We got along so well, it was a breeze working with him.”
Getting on with the people you are working with seems to be compulsory for The Hot Sprockets, “for me personally there’s no better group of lads to be in a band with. We travel everywhere together; we spend more time around each other than family or girlfriends. In one way or another we’re doing stuff together 5 or 6 days a week, we never have fights. If there are ever problems we just say it to each other, other than that we have a laugh. Which is what we got into this all for, we all loved music so wanted to be able to play it together, and we still get to it now.”
Very few musicians can say they were co-opted into a band by his friends, “the lads bought me a guitar for my 20th birthday, then we started a band and within a year we’d our first proper gig. Before that milestone though we had been busting out the acoustic guitars in pubs and beer gardens and parties, getting out there. Gigging is the only way to really get out there.”
Tim credits that willingness to play as much as possible with their recent entry into the charts, “you need to build up a core base, that’s why we gig so much – play everywhere and people always appreciate it. Like you see bands play venues sometimes and the audience really want to be there and it’s not just a fad; hard-core fans that will stick with you, the ones who buy the CDs and tickets. It’s an amazing feeling that we are being supported to do that, like you don’t go into it thinking that you will but it’s great having that support.”
The constant playing also means The Hot Sprockets are very clued in on the Irish music scene, “there is amazing stuff coming out from a lot of the bands we’ve been playing with over the years, like Laurie Shaw who is supporting us in the Pavilion, he is great. It’s crazy the amount of music he has already released, and as we always say with music the good stuff always shines through and stick around. We’re honoured to have him playing with us.”


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