Interview With Cian Kinsella / The Lords Of Strut

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first published in @The Evening Echo 2014-6-10


Sean-Tastic and Famous Seamus the two brothers who make up ‘The Lords Of Strut’, as performed by Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally, have a brand new show called ‘Chaos’ which debuts in The Half Moon Theatre next week. Cian took a break from rehearsals to speak with Ronan Leonard, he was quick to point out that you don’t need to know their previous work to appreciate ‘Chaos’, “people won’t have to have seen us before, that is something we were careful of while making the show. We know the characters so well, we try to bring people into their world very quickly and once people are in we can all go somewhere together.”

The brother’s show involves acrobatics mixed with cheesy jokes, innuendo and dancing; their combination of physical dexterity and comedy mixed with Sean and Seamus’s constant pursuit of fame and celebrity is the foundation of a Lords Of Strut show. With a nod to Laurel and Hardy and all classic comedy two-hander, one brother is wide eyed and innocent whereas the other has eyes above his station; Cian gave an insight into where they start off in their new show, “Seamus is still not famous but still desperate. His fame obsession has changed up a bit though, people might recognise some of his life and his influences during the show. He has gotten more neurotic and has a very clear agenda, and Sean, doesn’t really have any agenda, and he has gotten even more stupid-er-er.”

Cian is clear about ‘Chaos’ being a specific show for an attendant audience,  “this is a full theatrical show. We still tour our street show but all this material is for the indoor stage. One of our reasons for making the transition from street stage to indoor stage is to have intentional audiences, people who chose to see a ‘Lords Of Strut’ show. We also love performing on the street because anybody can wander up and see something they really weren’t expecting to but when making stuff for the street you have to keep in mind to be sensitive to a broad spectrum of tastes, we always try to push that but indoors we can push it much further.”

The Lords Of Strut have been professionally touring nationally and internationally for since 2009, Cian reflected on their progress, “we haven’t done any hard busking (turning up on a street and just working a show) for a couple of years, now it is all festivals who book us or us putting on our own show. After ‘Chaos’ in the Half Moon we take it to Donegal, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a month, then the Dublin Fringe, then we go to Australia in January.” Their street performances has also led to being on the road, “this year we have been or will be in Australia, Dubai, the Seychelles, the UK, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and a good bit around Ireland.”

Cian pointed out that The Lords Of Strut don’t work in isolation in Cork but are in fact part of a thriving circus scene, “Cormac and I are both very involved in the Circus Community in Cork, (Cork Community Circus are a collective who run the building called “Circus Factory” on Albert Quay). Several shows have come out of Circus Factory and are all doing well. There are three shows in the Cork Midsummer festival this year from people involved in the Circus factory. Circus wasn’t considered in Ireland a few years ago but now you will see circus shows on the programme of every major festival in the country.”

Cian continued on that point “from the very start of Lords of Strut we have been making audiences laugh and laugh unexpectedly. But in Ireland it has been hard to be taken seriously as a company, internationally we have been taken seriously for years and I think it is partly because of that international recognition that we are now been taken more seriously in Ireland… it seems funny to want to be taken seriously when you are a couple of clowns!”

Chaos, the new show from The Lords Of Strut will run in The Half Moon Theatre from Wednesday 18 to Saturday 22 June. Tickets are available from


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