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first published in @The Evening Echo 2014-11-27


After over a quarter of a century on the full-time gigging circuit Vincent Lynch has certainly paid his dues, all his work reached fruition earlier this year when he signed a publishing deal with Universal Records. Speaking with Ronan Leonard, Vincent’s professional focus is clear, “even though I love playing live with other musicians, I’m pushing my music more than I’m pushing Vincent Lynch, I’m trying to make a career out of writing songs. Since I got the deal I’m working even harder, for instance today I started this morning at 9am preparing songs to send over to Universal, I took a break to do this interview and have a cup of tea, then I’ll be it again till tea time and then I’m off to do a gig tonight.”

Looking back on the journey he has taken to this point Vincent reckons it can be split into separate eras, “you could say I’m a thirty year overnight success! The story of my career is simple, I’ve been playing on the Cork scene since I was about 18 in local bands, show bands, wedding bands, duos and by myself. I had a very bad crash in early 1993, and wasn’t back playing until the end of 1994. I broke both my legs, my left very badly where I needed a big operations, plates and screws, whereas the right ankle was a more straightforward break – just 6 weeks in plaster au paris.”

While many would assume that an incident would be his dramatic road to damascus moment, Vincent doesn’t see it as that, “I don’t think it was really the turning point of my career, when I got back playing it was back to the same thing with weddings, functions and gigs. For me the twist in my career was in 2007 when I released an EP, ‘It’s Probably Me’ that was produced by Andy Reynolds. It was 3 covers and a remix, with a view to getting more gigs, but then Andy starting getting at me to put the cover songs to bed and write my own original material.”

Vincent admits that initially he wasn’t enthralled by the idea, “I said to Andy I tried a few things of my own years ago but that’s about it, but to make a long story short he talked me into trying again. I sat down in February 2008 and I’ve never stopped, it’s over 500 songs in the catalogue now. I was writing full-time 7 days a week for a two year period, I just didn’t stop. I was getting up and sitting down with the guitar at 9am and keep going till 4pm.”

While Andy was crucial to his songwriting development, Vincent also credits someone else with his professional development, “I also met my manager, Aisling O’Leary, around than and she was said to me “I think you’ve more going on than you know yourself, so let me be your manager and I’ll try take it to the next level”, and we’ve been working together since then. There’s been frustrations but we’ve got there, we were chasing this deal with Universal for 7 years and we got it this year.”

He is incredibly enthused about the potential of his publishing deal, “the idea is for other artists to use my material. Basically it means that Universal will exploit all my material in anyway they can, if that means other people record and tour it, well then Happy Days the money is all from the song writing!”

Vincent Lynch’s songs can be heard and bought via


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