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first published in @The Evening Echo 2015-01-29


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Interview with Cathy Davey

Twice Choice Music Album Of The Year Award Nominee, Cathy Davey plays on Saturday night in The White Horse as part of the Ballincollig Winter Music Festival. While she hasn’t been gigging often in the last few years Cathy considers the concert to be a very important to the development of her next record, “I’m dipping the toe into national touring again, it keeps me limber and stops me from seizing up like an old clock. I’ve been perpetually finishing this album for the last two years and now I have the rest of January and February to actually finish it. To keep the music alive in a ‘live’ sense and not be out of touch with those I’m playing to and who I’m writing for, that’s what these gigs are for in a way.”

While many songwriters explain a long hiatus on writers block or something derailing them, Cathy is clear that as opposed to losing focus as an artist she simply changed focus for a while as person, “I’ve become very involved with animal welfare in the last three years which coincided with the time I was supposed to be releasing an album. It’s something I’ve always been involved with in a passive way like taking in strays or giving to charity but after the Celtic Tiger peaked, I couldn’t really sleep at night. A lot of people had went from earning money and having animals to suddenly getting rid of them; it became an epidemic of abandoned animals. I was in a position where I could actually dedicate time to it and so we started an animal rescue”

The charity she started is called ‘My Lovely Horse Rescue’, named after the legendary song her partner Neil Hannon wrote for Father Ted. The organisation is something Cathy attributes to help make her forthcoming album a stronger one, “it’s changed the course of my life. Music and songwriting is very very selfish, it’s introspective which encourages thinking about yourself all the time so I get a lot out of doing the animal stuff. I guess I was prioritising, I thought the album could wait but the other stuff couldn’t, but now I’m going to complete it with the focus that it truly deserves, because I couldn’t live with releasing a half-arsed album, which is why I’ve waited five years to do it right.  It’d just be a lazy album, I couldn’t hold my head up and promote songs until I was ready to do it, there’d be zero point. It wouldn’t have the finesse it’d need, I have my own standards and I don’t want people to be able to judge my work until it’s achieved my own standards.”

While completing the album has taken several years, Cathy explains that it’s actual conceptualisation was not a difficult process, “it’s had it’s own direction from the day it was conceived really, there was no point in me writing an album that was about the life of rock and roll, living on the road and all the stuff that most people can’t correspond with. This album is about humans and the natural world, evolution and how far away we’ve moved from our natural roots, that’s what’s very important to me. It’s always dominating my brain while I’m writing and it’s interesting to me. It’s based on a forest and the characters within that forest, and how parts of ourselves are in all the characters, and how we’ve evolved from all the creatures, flora and fauna in our own characters.”

While this concert is part of the Winter Music Festival, Cathy says another season is on her mind, “this album could be considered be a spring one, with the light in the forest and things springing to life. I also teach songwriting techniques and recently I’ve been reading loads of ee cummings; he has a poem that I used in one of my assignments called ‘O Sweet Spontaneous’, it’s about how all the unanswered questions of philosophers and scientists ‘nature answers them with Spring’, which I love the idea of.

For all the talk of this new material, Cathy assures her fans it won’t be all brand new material, “it’ll be a good mix of old and new, there’ll be some unheard stuff as I’ve been gone for so long and those songs are ready to be heard now. It’ll be a very stripped down set too, not too much a rock gig. There’ll still be drums and such but will be a lot more intimate.”

Cathy Davey plays The White Horse on Saturday 31 January with support from Escuchando Elefantes. Doors are 8.30pm and tickets available via

More information and donation details for her animal welfare group can be found at


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