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first published in @The Evening Echo 2015-02-19


When Slow Motion Heroes first formed it was hard to predict how a group made up of musicians from Cork bands as varied as Hope Is Noise, El Bastardo, Revolution Of A Sun, Rulers Of The Planet and Cyclefly would develop. Having released two EPs ‘Pop’ and ‘Not Pop’ in 2011, the band have now trimmed down to a 5 piece and their lead singer Barry McAullife was more than happy to fill us in with what has been happening with the band, “for the last 6 months we have been recording our new album in Cork and Dublin. When you make a complete album you get to create an overall feel and sound, within which is a continuous feel and a story that gets told. Making an album is therapy for the brain!”

The first taste of the record is a single, ‘Resolution’, which is released at the end of the month, Barry continued, “we recorded it with Tristan Dalton in Westland Studios in Dublin, he produced the single as well and we did some vocal overdubs in Lawrence White’s Reel-Tone-Studio in Cork.”

Barry is quick to note that working with producers is something the band value, “sometimes you can get too caught up in the music. We try to get the producer feel like another member of the band during the recording process. That’s why it has been great to work with the likes of Lawrence and Tristan as they put their heart and soul into this band.”

Unlike most quintets all five members of Slow Motion Heroes contribute to the songwriting, “the whole thing is a collective process. We all write together and then usually work on lyrics at home and bring them to the band. We normally sit down then, go through them together and make sure that we are all happy. The great thing about this band is no one really takes offence if his idea or part is turned down, in fact it just spurs everyone on to do better. We are all too old to be dealing with egos and band politics so we banned them years ago!”

Barry promises the hard work that they all have put into the record has born fruit, “when writing the songs for this album we agreed that it was to have no frills – just honesty – and I think that come across well. It’s a reflective album that honestly expresses all the trials and situations we have been through as a band and people for the last 5 years or so. It sounds harmonious and reflective, we build up songs and cover devastation to joy, heartbreak to love, anger to sadness and finally forgiveness! As a band we are so proud of this album, whatever else happens will be an added bonus”

That doesn’t mean Slow Motion Heroes won’t be working hard to push the album along with their record label, a relationship Barry is happy to be part of, “FIFA records are a great label with a great ethos run by great people, they do this for the love of music. I’ve never been happier with a label and its great to consider Ashley and Eddie as good friends now too. We have been with them 5 years now and I think its only fair we are finally putting out an album on FIFA.”

While they have been with FIFA 5 years, the label themselves are reaching a bigger milestone this year as they celebrate their 10th birthday. Barry is looking forward to the party, “I have heard rumours of what they are planning and it sounds pretty cool… I just hope we are involved!”

Barry views the single launch as the first chapter of a very busy year, “we are really pushing the Slow Motion Heroes boat out in 2015. We’ve the album, some singles, and merchandise coming out and we are going to tour the shit outta it. There’ll be the usual Irish gigs, we are planning Europe at the moment and hopefully there’ll be festivals as well as we like a good festival… that’s if people will have us of course!”

Slow Motion Heroes concerts have long been hailed as some of the best you’ll experience in Ireland, with Barry’s energetic and charismatic performance as frontman being crucial to that, when reflecting on his style he says “the minute I walk into the practice room or go on stage its time to leave reality for a while and I can just be myself for that time and sort out the shit in my head. Music is like a therapy session. Sometimes you don’t even realise it but music cleanses the soul of your inner demons!”

Slow Motion Heroes new single ‘Resolution’ is released by FIFA records on Friday 27 February.


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