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first published in @The Evening Echo 2015-04-23

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Turning Pirate work with some of Ireland’s most successful and talented musicians and run a wide range of live projects from concerts to award ceremonies, festivals, charity events and of course their annual ‘Turning Pirate Mix Tape’ New Years Eve Party in Vicar Street. Recently they have developed a new touring initiative entitled ‘The Very Round Robin Tour’, which brings three acts on stage together at the same time and piece together an old style music show sharing music and stories, harmonies and talents. Each act will play their own songs as well as each others, which will give the audience a “unique opportunity to see an intimate display of talents and experiences between musical peers on stage.”

This tour will feature three of Ireland’s favourite acts, Declan O’Rourke, the writer of ‘Galileo’ and so many other loved songs; Roesy, who has returned for awhile from his new home in Australia to promote his 7th album ‘Wolf Counsel’, and The Young Folk, and will take in four venues around the country including The White Horse in Ballincollig and is being referred to as ‘the first installment’ of what hopefully will be a long running event.

Tony McLoughin, who plays bass and mandolin with The Young Folk, spoke to Ronan Leonard about the tour, “it was the brainchild of Una Molloy from Turning Pirate, she approached us about it and we were delighted to get on board. Our band has various line ups, depending on the situation and availability of the members. For this tour it will be me with the two guys who started the band; Paul Butler, who plays keyboards and sings, and Anthony Furey who plays guitar and sings. We will be focussing on the melody and accompaniment of our songs, but we will all be playing together with Roesy and Declan too.”

All involved on the tour are fine musicians so the notion of playing together is something they are all looking forward, Tony continued, “we are having some pre production rehearsals beforehand but hopefully it will be like the Transatlantic Sessions where bands get together for a short time and organically create something unique.”

Between the three acts they have hundreds of songs already recorded and released, so they all know each others work but the idea of creating new work and arrangements is also driving the project, “Anthony grew up listening to Roesy and Declan so I know he is very excited to be playing alongside them, and personally I know a bit of their back catalogues; but I think we can all come together and create something new rather than everybody backing each other to bring out different colors in each others music.”

The scenario of all three playing together as opposed to having a headliner and two opening acts makes it a completely different show according to Tony, “I think it will be a bit more personal and exposed which in intimate environments can be something very special. Get yourselves out to the ‘Very Round Robin Tour’ because even for the musicians involved it will be a night to remember!”

The Young Folk released their debut album, ‘The Long Battle’ in 2014 and have been touring a lot since then, having just returned from The Netherlands and UK, they do their own headline tour of Ireland which will roll into Cork tomorrow (Friday 24 April) before ‘The Very Round Robin’ tour starts. Tony explained their workload, “the album has been out everywhere we can put it out. We have long term plans for the band, God willing, and already have a lot of our second album recorded and half our third album written so you will have to put up with us for another while yet! We are always looking for new direction and we are enjoying the versatility of the brass and in the studio adding some new surprises for our new album.”

Tony says that the constant touring will continue for the rest of the year, “this summer we have a lot on, more so on a plane than the tour bus, as we have a lot of European dates to play in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.”

Many people will have heard the music of The Young Folk on advertisements for Jameson Whiskey and The Irish National Transport Authority, which Tony spoke of quite frankly, “any publicity is good, we are hoping some lyrics may be involved in the future as it may get our music noticed more.”

The Young Folk and special guests John Blek & The Rats play Cyprus Avenue on Friday 24 April. Doors are 9pm, tickets are €10 and available via

The Very Round Robin Tour with Declan O’Rourke, Roesy and The Young Folk will play The White Horse in Ballincollig on Saturday 9 May. Doors 8.30pm


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