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first published in @The Evening Echo 2015-07-23


Dream Wife, a band that only formed last year have already made serious waves internationally, they are touring regularly at the moment and come to Cork this week to play two dates. Rakel Leifsdottir, their Icelandic singer, spoke with Ronan Leonard the day after their first gig in Ireland, “we’re based in Brighton at the moment, but I spend a lot of time in Reykjavik. We just got back to England from Iceland yesterday and went straight to Dublin to play a midnight show at Whelans, it was pretty epic, the perfect way to start our Ireland tour. We went to Iceland for a few days and played a show in Reykjavik and then drove to the East Fjords and played at an amazing Art & Music festival called Lunga. It was all really magical. Got to see the whole island in like 3 days. Bella and Alice said it looked like the Lord Of The Rings, Mordor brewing behind the mountains!”

Rakel explained how the band formed, “Bella and Alice are originally from Bristol, we all ended up going to the same art school in Brighton and became friends. Dream Wife was formed within the walls of our art school originally as a performance art piece about a year ago, but it went so well we decided to turn into a proper band this year…and it’s been a ride.”

When trying to describe their sound, she sums Dream Wife up as “loud, fun and and maybe a bit dangerous. We like to surprise people. We’re influenced by our heroes like David Bowie, PJ Harvey and Peaches, but as we tour more the music happening around us is making an impact on us, in general we like to work with our friends, play around with sounds and all things we love.”

While they all had varying previous experiences Rakel knows that this band has something special about it, “I played in Icelandic Indie bands before moving to Brighton and studied vocals since I was a child. Alice and Bella also played in various bands around Bristol. Dream Wife came together almost as an accident, and it had all the elements of what we were all looking for in a new music project. A nice car crash!”

Although the band use technology to develop ideas, Rakel explains that all three must work together in the same room at the same time to complete songs, “when we are away from each other we send each other ideas and can work from them, but when it comes to making music we have to make it together on the spot to finish a song. We write all our songs in Bella’s bedroom. Bella and I live together under the railway arches in Brighton, so we can see the train pass by in Bella’s window, it’s a magical place. Someone usually has a tune brewing and show it to the others and we see if we can play along to it and see it evolve. Once we’ve gotten somewhere we all get so excited we just feed off each others excitement til the song is finished. Then test it out in a rehearsal space and show it to the crowd – they usually give the best feedback.”

Dream Wife have a strong visual style, something that is important to all three of them, as Rakel continued, “we are all visual artists. Alice has a degree in Fine Art Sculpture, Bella in Fine Art Painting and I’m graduating next week from Music and Visual Art. We have a strong visual direction that we’ve moulded together from our own thoughts and with the influences of friends that we’ve been working with, from set designers to zine-makers to stylists. We’ve been fortunate to have such incredibly talented friends to work with that bring the idea of the Dream Wife to life, and keep it fun and personal.”
The band have harnessed the Internet and one particular social network app to help that goal, “We love Instagram, it’s a great platform just to play with a creative side and connect to people who are into the same things as you. Alice makes webpages for a living, our site, looks like its straight out of the 90’s show ‘Saved By The Bell’… we love it!”
Rakel is quite excited about their visit to Cork, “we hear its the Brighton of Ireland! We know Young Wonder are great, but that’s about all we know about Cork’s scene. We’re spending some time there recording and also shooting a music video so we hope to meet more musicians and get the feel of the place.”

Dream Wife play De Barras in Clonakilty on Thursday 23 July, admission €7, and Mother Jones Flea Market on York Street on Fri 24 July, admission is €10 with support from Morning Veils.

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