Fantasy Football 17/18 – Gameweek 1


So here we are, having had a good few weeks to have prepare for it, after many drafts and redrafts [not to mention the complete mess that was the actual Fantasy Football Draft feature], with a few hours to go until the deadline – I’ve had four cups of coffee and am listening to glitchy electronica, without a doubt the best possible mindset to make good decisions – for this season’s first gameweek of Fantasy Football. It’s like your CAO form, but important.

Backstory – I once was a contender in this FF game [was 4th in the world once, on one magical Christmas Day in 2010] and since then I’ve floundered, has the modern game passed me by, have I been living past glories? Is my mindset out of date, am I a dinosaur? WHAT IS MY PHILOSOPHY?????  So many questions.

– Team name picked?

–  Yes.

– Is it a reference to both your local soccer team AND a classic 90s sports movie?

– Yes

FF GM1 Team Name & Points

– Then 10 points out of 10 in that regard, on we go. Does the world need another Fantasy Football blog?

– Well does the world need any fantasy football blog?

– Good point, but since you’ve started what sets your blog apart from the many other ones around; what is your USP in this very crowded marketplace [and I use the word ‘market’ carefully, as there doesn’t seem to be much of an actual market per se]?

– Well, my I guess what would make me unique is my patented ‘passive research model’.

– What is passive research?

– I let the information come to me, and whatever registers and sticks with me seems to be the best thing for me to do.

– Holy fukk, we are doomed. This is the internet personified, Brexit, Trump and now this. What kind of detailed notes do you have?

FF GM 1 Notes

– Did you actually write ‘strong and stable’ as a note to yourself about your Fantasy Football selection?

– Yes, but it was my own idea and I stand by it.

– Did you also write the ‘Pogba Fallacy’?

– Have you somehow jumped ahead to the selection section of the blog?

– No, this is it now.

…..  modeSELECKTor IONS

Since I’ve no previous gameweeks to react to I’ll just focus entirely on the selections I’ve made, and also make a rule for rest of season – ‘no referring to players who’ve done well along the lines of ‘I thought of having him in my team blah blah’ after the event unless I mentioned it beforehand’ – otherwise it’s like people talking about the fish they could have caught.

For the start of the season I’ve decided to go with 3-forwards-led dynamic, ie known goalscoring-in-premier-league-quantities, so no mad insight skillz were needed to identify Kane, Jesus & Firmino [at time of writing Countinho has reportedly handed in a transfer request so I’m expecting a dramatic response by the rest of the Liverpool team]. That trio take up pretty much of ⅓ of my entire budget, but hey putting all your eggs in one basket is a fine financial policy according to my experience [I’m only up to the 2006 Irish Fiscal Reports – NO SPOILERS!!!], but I anticipate dropping one of those three to a cheaper version over time to free up some money for midfield.

In midfield, for the time being, I’ve gone with De Bruyne as my only big gun, with Zaha at Crystal Palace and both Tadic & Redmond from Southampton – who I assumed would be pretty popular choices, but I note the last two only have a 3/6% & 9.7% ownership, while KDB has 30%+ and Zaha 20%+.

I plan on playing those named front 7 players for the next 4 gameweeks in a 3-4-3, so the 5th choice is a moot point for now, I’ve gone with Carroll due to his name popping up a few times on different tweets & podcasts etc, I expect him to play each game so if one of those 7 don’t play any minutes he should get me 2 points at least. I can only assume that after a few weeks I’ll trade out one of my Southampton midfielders, perhaps for Ritchie at Newcastle, but maybe I’ll go for Salah or Alli after freeing up some money from my forwards. As I clearly wrote earlier on my notes ‘Pogba Fallacy’, it’ll take a few weeks to see what is going on at Man Utd and Chelsea.

Then the defence and goalkeeping decision were made together, obviously clean sheets are where the points are with these troops, I don’t see great value in the more expensive defenders from the get-go and since I’m going to go with 3 at the back most of the time I’ve selected budget-ish defenders from a spread of clubs for first few weeks – hard to tell what the style of Southampton & Crystal Palace will be like under new managers but the players themselves have good form, similarly I’m wondering if West Ham will shore up suddenly. In many ways my watchlist for defenders is more telling than the safer bets I chose.

FF GM1 Defender Watchlist

…. Nothing too LEFTFIELD?

I don’t think any of them are massively maverick outfield defensive choices but [other than Bertrand] none of them have more than a 6% ownership, this could all lead to an immediate differential. In regards to b’tween the posts Hennessy has a selection of less than 2% which seems surprising, the Welshman’ fixtures go well with Heaton for the first 5 weeks, and hopefully that’ll be enough to get the lay of the defensive land by then. I’ll maybe end up going De Gea/Courtois/Loris + £4 million keeper etc.…

so here is my squad and selection for this GM1

FF GM1 Selection

show my kraftWORKings

Like many players of FPL, I use a lot, and since every possible player gets suggested by someone there, there will always be a sense of borrowing other people’s ideas, but I also used the ‘s season previews a fair bit.



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